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| On Updated : Sep 11, 2020 12:34 PM IST

Thursday Tourneys: Abhinav Iyer, Arsh Grover, Aman Bhadu & Manish Lakhotia scoop the lion’s share

By Dheeraj Singh

Thursday witnessed the most participation on the virtual felts in the ongoing week. With the weekend approaching, the action is expected to increase immensely today.

Here’s a quick recap –


The ₹30 Lac GTD Godfather was the signature event on Adda52 last night. The tourney experienced a shortfall of ₹1.85 Lac after 563 entries. Aman ‘zontory’ Bhadu decimated the field and shipped the title for ₹5.79 Lac after a heads-up deal with ‘ishanshah95’ who took home ₹5.36 Lac for the runner-up finish.

The ₹5 Lac GTD Table For 6 was another marquee tourney on the site last night. PokerGuru Ambassador Ashutosh ‘senojwod’ Balodhi championed the title and banked ₹1.40 Lac after finishing at the top of 188 competitors.


₹20 Lac GTD The Summit was the main event on Baazi on Thursday. The ₹8,250 buy-in tourney witnessed 253 registrations. Abhinav ‘griezmann’ Iyer shipped the tourney for ₹4.71 Lac after a heads up battle with Siddhanth ‘ender’ Kripalani. Kripalani banked ₹3.30 Lac for his runner up finish.

Iyer final tabled another tourney last night-

  • Fourth in the ₹30 Lakhs GTD INCOOP- 81 Highroller for ₹2.51 Lac

Vinay ‘Vinstill’ BK shipped the ₹5 Lac GTD Thursday MonsterStack for ₹1.21 Lac. Ashit ‘nexus010’ Sharma finished runner-up for ₹84,650.


₹30 Lac GTD INCOOP- 81 Highroller suffered a massive overlay of ₹7.63 Lac after just 164 registrations. Young Gun Arsh ‘BiggggTymeR’ Grover finished on top of the field and shipped the tourney. ‘sachinrt10’ finished runner for ₹4.52 Lac while Ayush ‘Kyanaamrakhu’ Garg finished third for ₹3.37 Lac.

Grover final tabled another tourney last night and banked ₹6.19 Lac in total –

  • Ninth in ₹6 Lac GTD INCOOP-83 The Classic for ₹12,982.

‘barfi24’ championed The Classic for ₹1.29 Lac after beating ‘kviscool’ in the heads up. ‘kviscool’ took home ₹97,350 for the runner up finish.


The ₹55 Lac GTD GPS #39 High Roller managed to create a whopping ₹61.50 Lac in prize pool after 123 registrations including re-entries and rebuys. ‘Ghayal2112’ championed the tourney for ₹13.15 Lac after a three-way deal with Laksh Pal ‘LuckyBhai$’ Singh (2nd for ₹11.79 Lac) and Gokul ‘Super Kings’ Raj (3rd for ₹9.98 Lac).

The ₹25 Lac GTD GPS – Grand Ultron experienced a shortfall of ₹3.60 Lac after 535 registrations. Manish Lakhotia took down the title for ₹4.85 Lac after beating ‘acequeens’ (2nd for ₹3.07 Lac) in the heads-up battle.

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Dheeraj Singh

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