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Kunal Patni: India’s Top Poker Player Who Ditched Banking To Follow His Passion For Poker

By Nimisha Popat

When you talk about best Indian poker players, it is rare that Kunal Patni’s name won’t pop up in your head. He is one of the finest poker players India has ever witnessed. Be it making a switch from banking to poker or being a pro at Adda52 or even dissolving a 5-year-old deal with them, Kunal Patni’s professional poker life has been no less than a roller coaster.

Kunal’s Poker Journey

Kunal began his poker journey out of passion and love for the game. In the initial stages, he was a successful banker who worked with Birla, HSBC, IIFL, and many more over 13 years who played poker in his free time. Soon he realized when done right poker can be a full-fledged career.

In 2014, the Asian Championship of Poker series in Macau, Kunal managed to sweep the title to his credit. That’s when he had his heart set on quitting banking and concentrating all his energy on pursuing poker as his full-time career. He exclaims that he finally understands how passion creates the actual difference between having a job and having a career and now poker is his life.

In 2015, Kunal finally took the leap of faith and quit his job to pursue poker. Within a year, he was a part of the Adda52 Pros team and also became the second poker player in Global Poker Index Ranking (GPI), which lists the world’s top poker players.

Kunal sweeps the Asian Championship of Poker series title in Macau in 2014

Kunal Patni: Association with Adda52

Kunal’s hard work and dedication for poker soon placed him in the list of top Indian poker players. Adda52 picked him to be a part of their pro team along with Minnisha Lamba, Nikita Luther, Aditya Sushant, and other such poker gems. Kunal happily collaborated with Adda52 in 2015.

But in April 2020, Kunal made a decision which soon became the hot news in the digital doors. He decided to dissolve his association with Adda52 and go solo.

Kunal Patni Adda Pro | PC @pokerlivenews

On Poker Being a Good Career Opportunity for the Millenials

Kunal is still puzzled how poker is looked with a hint of criticism in India whereas other countries welcome poker as an actual sport and not a gambling addiction or an illegal activity. He believes it’s high time that people realize, poker can be an actual career opportunity for millennials.

Kunal is happy to see that younger crowd acknowledging the worth of this sport. He advises beginning by investing small amounts like Rs.1 to Rs.100 instead of putting all eggs in the basket at once. Become a little familiar before taking risks.

Kunal Patni featured in Adda52’s recently organized Deltin Poker Tournament

Kunal Patni: Training is Crucial

Patni states that poker is easy to learn but extremely difficult to master. One needs to keep practising and learning constantly to excel at poker.

When Kunal first participated in a tournament in Macau, he believed he excelled at the game. And yet when he actually played, he realized he only knows 10 per cent of what goes around. Since then Kunal invests a good amount of time reading books written on poker, to help him get better.

His biggest crown of glory was in the World Poker Tournament (WPT) 2018. Despite losing in an intense heads-up, Kunal managed to bank $96000 to his credit. With $469948 live earnings listed to his credit and his dedication towards poker, Kunal is a mentor you should follow to succeed.

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