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| On Updated : Jun 26, 2020 6:06 PM IST

Tarun Goyal: One of the Best Online Poker Players in India

By Dheeraj Singh

If you are looking for strategies to build a robust online poker bankroll, then Tarun Goyal is your go-to man. Watch his poker playing videos, study his game, and you might learn a lot about playing online poker. With a plethora of FTs, runner-up finishes and wins, Tarun Goyal is known as one of the best online poker players in India.

Goyal was an IT professional working in Bangalore who has now become India’s best poker players in present times. His brother Pulkit Goyal who is a former national-level boxer is Spartan Poker’s Latest Millionaire Champion. Pulkit was introduced to Poker by his brother Tarun Goyal while still in college, and now both the boys are amongst the top Indian poker players.


The journey so far

Tarun Goyal has been playing poker for eight-nine years now. He was introduced to the game in early 2012 and fell in love with it. Soon, he started playing online poker on Adda52 and started converting hundreds into thousands and won big tournaments.

After getting initial success, Goyal quit his job to become a full-time professional poker player. In 2016, he travelled to Goa and played his first Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT). He went on to win the very first event of the series – DPT 10K Kickoff event, which earned him a good INR 6,35,000.

Immediately after his win, Adda52 signed Tarun Goyal as their Team Pro. Since then, there has been no looking back. Tarun Goyal is recognized for his online exploits. He is one of the best online poker players in India. Both in 2017 and 2018, Goyal was one of the highest-earning players on Adda52. In 2017, Goyal turned out to be Adda52 POY title winner.

In 2019, he scored close to a dozen of FTs, earned seven runner-up finishes and won two major tournaments. Goyal’s latest win came on Adda52 when he shipped INR 2,08,500 under the Hitman series.

Significant Achievements

Tarun’s some of the most significant achievements are –

  • 14K Loyalty Finals in June 2012
  • 1 Lakh Loyalty Finals in March 2013
  • Loyalty Bonanza in Sep 2012
  • Monsoon Poker Fever in July 2013
  • October Poker Fest 2013 and IOPT in Oct 2013


Online or Live Poker?

Tarun ‘aggtarun’ Goyal prefers to play online rather than live poker. The reason is he can put a lot of volumes, and unlike live poker, he can also hide his emotions behind the screen.

Advice for the beginners aspiring poker players

Tarun advises to work hard and study the game as much as possible. He also suggests to keep proper bankroll management, i.e. separates your personal and poker finances. Treat Poker as a business and avoid spending your poker bankroll for other things.

Dheeraj Singh

I believe Life and Poker work on the same principle. The more you learn the better you become.