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A Few Mistakes Intermediate Poker Players Commit Unknowingly

By Dheeraj Singh

It is acceptable for an intermediate poker player to feel confident against a beginner or a newbie. But, there’s a very thin line between being confident and being complacent. So, here we will discuss a few mistakes that intermediate players should avoid on the poker table in order to enhance their level –

Being complacent:

This is the most common mistake that the intermediate poker players tend to make at the poker table. As soon as a player reaches an intermediate level or has some significant wins under his belt, he soon starts thinking of being better than other beginners which at times, becomes a reason for their loss. Being confident is fine but underestimating your opponent can lead you to your downfall.

Blaming other players at the table

The second-most common mistake committed by intermediate players is berating their opponents for poor play. Acting towards your opponents or a particular poker is very important at the poker table. An intermediate poker player should always remember that the profit will come from the mistakes of players who are worse than you. So, rather than chasing the “fish” and making them attentive wait for the moment, they commit a mistake.

Playing too tight at starting hands

Another common mistake committed by intermediate players is playing too tight at the beginning and dragging the game way too long than required. Playing too tight at pre-flop despite having a strong hand will only require you to invest more time, energy and skill when you can easily win the hand and open more opportunities as the hand progresses.

Bankroll crushing error

One of the basic difference between an intermediate player and a pro is that a pro is able to recognize when game conditions are favourable and when they are not favourable, i.e. they know how to control their game as per the situation.

An intermediate player often makes the mistake here. He cuts off winning sessions too soon, locking in a win in his mind and also makes the bad situations even worse by chasing his losses. So, the skill of sizing up your game or knowing when to make as much money as possible for as long as you are able to play profitably is very crucial.

In this case, the most important thing to notice is the skill of your opponents.


As the saying goes, “Poker is easy to learn but hard to master,” it is very necessary that you keep learning and improving your game every day. If an intermediate player doesn’t recognize that he/she still has a lot to learn about poker then it can be the biggest mistake of his poker career. To excel in poker, one must learn enough about the game to move beyond the simple and mechanical style of gameplay.

Dheeraj Singh

I believe Life and Poker work on the same principle. The more you learn the better you become.