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| On Updated : Jul 28, 2020 12:00 PM IST

Most Effective ‘Sit n Go’ Tournament Strategy Tips

By Nimisha Popat

Playing poker comes with a lot of choices. Whether you want to play online or offline? Cash games or tournaments? High stake games or freerolls? And the choices seem to be another amazing aspect of the poker world. There is something in store for everyone here. One such thing that I adore is the ‘sit n go’ tourneys.

If you are a newbie, let me start by introducing you to the ‘sit n go’ format. It is a tournament that has no particular starting time. It begins when the minimum number of players desired for the specific tourney is reached. It is perfect for people who enjoy both cash and tournament poker games. Plus, the most exciting aspect of ‘sit n go’ tournaments is that you get an option to play up to 20 tables simultaneously.

How exhilarating!

With these kinds of tournaments, you get a chance to experiment with your strategies in the market itself. And the cherry on the cake is that you usually go against competition that isn’t that hard to beat especially at the low buy-ins tourneys.

Here are a few strategies that work like a charm at these ‘sit n go’ tournaments:

Keep It Tight Early

This is the golden rule that will help you go long in the ‘sit n go’ tournaments. Always make sure you play tight in the initial stages of these tourneys. There is an exception if you are holding a real strong hand; otherwise, it’s wise to keep it tight. This leads to other players competing and removing the hurdles for you. While this happens just be patient and a good observer. Take a good look at every opponent’s body language and sudden movements. This will help you greatly in the long run.

Mind the Bubble

In these tourneys, top finishers get rewarded. So if you have just one competitor to beat so that you enter the list of winning contenders, then you need to put pressure on that opponent to fold. Because there is a good chance that he is just staying in with a bad hand to survive, in case if you are a little behind, then don’t rush in to enter the top finalists. Let someone else do that. You just be patient and calm. And see how wonderfully it pays off.

Loosen up Late

When you go ahead in the game, the blinds go up. But your stack depth will eventually go shorter, even if you maintain the same number of chips. Once you are in, make sure you don’t get afraid and do not take a step back. Instead, be willing to get all those chips in the pot when you are the first one to act, and it’s already been 10-20 big blinds round. Now I know it tempts you to pull with any two cards if you are allowed to open from a relatively smaller blind. Continuing the blinds and antes is essential for your play during these later stages of the game. Ladder up whenever you get an opportunity at these tourneys. This usually pays off well.

But if you get busted, just log in to another ‘sit n go’ tourney, practice, and eventually, you will get the hang of it.

Nimisha Popat

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