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Hand Converter and Replayers: You Need To Strategize Your Next Move

By Nimisha Popat

While playing poker, every move matters. Be it past, present, or the one in the future. In order to strategize your next move, not only you need to be completely aware of the cards in hand but should also take into account the hands that have been played before. After all, history helps us do better and avoid the mistakes committed in the past. But most online poker sites, have the past hands described in a very confusing textual form. And if you are not blessed with the eidetic memory, then remembering these previously played hands can be a daunting task. That’s when specific tools come in a play called Hand Converter and Replayer.

What Does Poker Hand Converter And Replayers Do?

Hand converter and replayers are an online tool that assists you by converting the previously played hands in a very easy to understand format. This helps you review the previous moves and enables you to strategize smartly for future hands.

Some of these tools not only save the information about the game but they have the entire database of all hands played in the tournaments ready for you to review, learn from and use at your best advantage.

Best Hand Converter And Replayer Tools In The Market

The online poker world is flooded with different hand converter and replayer tools these days.

Just pick the one that has the features that you desire and start analyzing.

There are some free software in the market as well as some that require paid subscriptions.

Here are some of my favourite picks with a summary of their features for you to decide better.

Popopop Hand Replayer:

Popopop Hand Replayer shows basic but helpful information. It helps you keep track of wins and losses along with the graphical form of hand histories.

Poker Replayer:

Poker Replayer comes with a free trial period to give you an idea of what the paid feature holds once the trial period is over. With the paid feature of Poker Replayer not only can you add unlimited hand histories but you also get detailed statistics in the complete analyzed form to help you see the possible probability of winning.

If these do n’t seem enough, then there are software that provides a much more detailed set of information.

Holdem Manager:

Holdem Manager has a super exciting feature that not only helps you run the replayer scenarios for all the players, but you can also save them for future use. It keeps the data just a few clicks from you to use anytime.

PokerTracker 4:

Another software Poker Tracker 4 comes with a 30-day trial period. It not only shows the necessary details but is loaded with stats like result trackings, a full-fledged HUD, hand history details, integrated ICM analysis, and much more. It also has unique features included which are termed as NoteTracker and LeakTracker.These can come in very handy while planning your next hand.

Poker Hand Replays:

This is a fascinating one in the market. It lets you store the hand’s details which you can reuse as and when needed. You can replay using the said saved hands and replay them using the Poker Hand Replays’s inbuilt flash replayer. The best feature of this software is that you can start using it immediately, even without creating a free account, although it is highly encouraged to create one.


It is probably the oldest one in town. It continues holding its unique place in the poker world even today because of its user-friendly navigation and a certain set of unique features. One such feature that I found interesting is that you can create a page with poker hand history and share it with the whole community. And if you are not comfortable, you can opt to hide your identity as well as other player’s comments on the same.

PokerXFactor Replayer:

This is yet another software that does the job well and has its own unique set of features. The best one is the graphical representation of the hand histories. It also lets you analyze tournaments and review your play strategies. It also enables you to observe the strategies used by other players to help you brush up your skills.


This software is associated with most online poker sites. It not only gives you a graphical representation of hand histories but also lets you seek guidance from the peers and pros of the poker community via its forum. It also enables you to share the hand history and replays with your friends and colleagues with simple WeakTight links.


This software gives you detailed history and statistics in a variety of forms that you are most comfortable with. The best and most unique feature about this software is that it lets you share those hand histories on your favourite social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter too. You can also share them on Youtube with just one simple click.

PokerStars Boom Hand Replayer:

This software gives you an animated version of the hand replayer histories. It has a unique feature where you can share your pages in real-time with your buddies and get the ball rolling. You can then receive likes, comments, and shares on them.

This leads to a set of heated discussions with different people interested in poker all over the world.

These are some Hand Converter and Replayer tools that come in extremely handy when used correctly. They not only take the historical data into account and represent it in the easy to understand format but also let you learn from the mistakes made by the players across the globe.

Now mastering poker can become a child’s play with these hand converter and replayer tools at your fingertips. So what are you waiting for? Just take your pick from these, get going, and practice for next poker tournament.

Nimisha Popat

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