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| On Updated : Jul 6, 2020 4:39 PM IST

Laws or Rules of Live Poker You Must be Familiar With

By Dheeraj Singh

Although online and live poker shares the same rules, both the game plays are quite different from each other, you will have a different experience whenever you make a shift from online poker to live poker or vice versa. In India, where live casinos and poker games are a rarity, it is acceptable for the online regulars to be unfamiliar with the unique perks of live poker games. However, playing live poker has its charm and experience, which makes the nuances of live poker worth learning.

Here, we will discuss some basic laws or rules you must abide by while playing live poker games in casinos –

Live games are slower than online poker games.

The very first difference you will notice while playing on a live poker table is the tempo of the game, i.e. live poker games are must slower in comparison to their online counterparts. While you get 70-80 hands per hour on the online table, you will hardly get 30-40 hands per hour on live tables. There’s a lot more folding in the live table than online tables which might cause boredom if you are playing for the first time. But this is where you have to play smartly and don’t just shut your brain off.

In live tables, you can see your opponent physically. You should utilize this time to observe your opponents; try to understand their playing style, look at their body language, i.e. are they nervous, are they bluffing, and is there any change in their body language when they have a stronger hand. These small observations will help you a lot in the later rounds.

Always keep your mouth shut at the live poker table.

Keeping your mouth shut at the poker table is one of the basic rules of live poker. Ranting or speaking too much is not only disrespectful to your opponents and people around you, but it also creates a negative environment at the table. Also, too many expressions are always detrimental to Poker.

Let’s say if one of your opponents is making wrong moves; then you don’t want that player to know that they are making bad decisions. In poker, you target the worst player at the table, and you won’t like him to realize that. That way, they will continue making poor strategic choices that will ultimately benefit your bankroll.

No reaction to community cards

Again this is a part of the rule no. 02. Your slightest of expression change can make or take away the game from you. For example, you were dealt a pocket pair {two cards of same ranks, but differing suits} and were going to muck, but suddenly you saw the community cards and might make up the four of a kind or quad, then you should refrain from reacting to it.

Even a slight grim or wink can give away the invaluable information to your opponent who was not aware of your hand.

Food and Drink Residue shouldn’t make their way to playing cards.

Every playing card on the poker table should look the same when it is face down. This is the responsibility of each player playing on the table. You’d be surprised at how easily some of the players identify a card that has slightest of change in it, i.e. smallest of markings, temperature change, residue from greasy food, etc.

These slight changes can help some of the players gain an advantage over you. So, it is advisable to play your part at least to ensure an equal playing field for all competitors in live poker games.

Keep an eye for a softer table.

As live games are slower than online poker games, it is essential to make the most of your time spent at the casino. Also, live games offer meagre hand volume in comparison to their online counterpart. If you are playing to enhance your skills, it’s okay, but making the most of your time should also be on your mind. So, search for a softer table where you can make more hands and profits.

Dheeraj Singh

I believe Life and Poker work on the same principle. The more you learn the better you become.