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Poker Odds Calculator: The Tool That Helps You Master The Game

By Nimisha Popat

Ever been at the poker table, with your heart pounding loudly. You are wrecking your brain whether the odds are in your favour or not?

Then I have an interesting tool for you that will help you master the art of poker. It’s a tool that does all the complicated math and leaves you with data that can turn the odds for your benefit called Poker Odds Calculator.

What Is An Odds Calculator In Poker?

While you play poker, you always struggle with the dilemma of whether you will win at the next hand or lose. Plus, you never know who is bluffing and who is playing fair. That’s when the odds calculator comes in action.

Odds calculator is a tool where you need to enter a few details, namely; your cards, the community cards, and the number of players playing with you at the poker table. And within seconds, the tool runs an algorithm and shows you the probability of you winning the game.

It also helps you understand which player is probably bluffing.

How To Use a Poker Odds Calculator?

Now that’s a fair question to have in mind.

To begin, you need to start the calculator by entering your card details, then the community cards along with the number of players at the table. Now hit the Get Odds button.

Since the tool has all the details filled appropriately, within a matter of seconds, you have the result popping up on your screen. It shows precisely the odds of you winning or losing the game at the next hand. It also shows the probability of the game resulting in a tie.

You can edit the details as the players leave and more cards are drawn to figure out your odds after each hand.

Why Do You Need One?

Odds calculator not just calculates the probability of you winning but helps you see ahead what other players at the table can’t. You can efficiently strategize your plans before your next move by judging the probabilities, and you can even bluff better. It helps you understand the game on a deeper level.

Which Poker Odds Calculator Should You Use?

There are a lot of odds calculators readily available in the market to assist you within the timeframe of minutes. Some of them are paid while some are free. Some are online, while some require you to download the software before you begin.

You just need to find your ideal one and start using it.

Here is a list of few Odd Calculators with their features to help you decide better:

This odd calculator tool is free to use for all poker lovers. The best feature about this particular tool is that it has a specific column that pops up on the right hand of your screen with your strongest card denoted in the green and weakest card in red. This helps you immensely while planning your next move.


This is an odds calculator app which you can download on your phone, and it will help you assist anytime anywhere with just a few touches on your touchscreen. Although it is a paid app, it has few features that are worth it. It runs in-depth research, and its algorithm gives you deeper insights to plan you better.


This online tool does all the messy mathematical job and shows you the best outcomes for you. It helps you clear doubts about whether you will lose at the bed beat or win the pot with flying colours.


This is probably the best user-friendly tool online. It works really well and super quickly to help you beat the odds that are against you. I adore it the most just because of its user- friendly interface.

Pick the one that you desire and start beating the odds that are stacked up against you using these odd calculators. If you unleash its real strength, the odds calculator has the power to make you the puppet master of the poker table.

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