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‘Which Hand Wins Calculator’ Tool To Determine Your Best Winning Hand

By Nimisha Popat

When you begin a game of poker with multiple players in your competition to win those chips in the pot, it keeps you on your toes. We all desire to win. But if you are a beginner and with every hand unsure of the outcome, you are bound to be amazed. What if I tell you there are tools available to help you figure out the outcomes right from the moment you begin your game? These tools are referred to as Which Hand Wins Calculator in the poker universe.

What does ‘Which Hand wins Calculator’ do exactly?

Imagine you are sitting with a strong set of cards in your hand, but you are still unsure whether these are your best set of cards that can win. That’s when these tools come in handy.

They take into account the number of players and their hole card details, and the community cards details. The algorithm of these tools is then set in motion. Within a timeframe of a few seconds, the best set of cards and their winning probability for each player pops up on a right-hand corner of your screen. Within seconds these tools give you an idea which hand may win and when?

Best Which Hand Wins Calculators in the Market

When you wish to use a which hand wins calculator, and you Google for best ones, it usually gives the same old 2 or 3 options to choose from. But I made sure to dug up the internet to find a couple of which hand wins calculators in the market, just to make it more convenient for you. Here are a few of my favourite ones listed along with their feature:

PokerListings: The first one I have in store for you is from PokerListings. This is super easy to use. You just need to add the number of players at the table and their hole card details. Once you have all the details entered in the system, just hit the button that says ‘which hand wins’. Within seconds you will have the answer to your dilemma popping up on your computer screen.

Equilab: The tool on the Equilab is a very detailed one. You get the detailed analysis of each specific hand, and it also suggests the possibilities for each and against every hand.

Using Python: If you are nerdy like me, you are going to love this one. You just need Python and run some codes, and within the timeframe of seconds, you have your results at your fingertips. You must give it a try. It works well.

Best Hands According To Their Worth in Poker

‘What is my winning poker hand?’

If you are a beginner or a regular player, sometimes it can be confusing to know if you have a winning poker hand or not. If you are embarrassed to ask it out loud, I’ve got you covered. Let’s take into account a few scenarios along with the list of hands ranked from best to least to help you decide better:

Royal Flush: When you have a straight from 10 to Ace and when all these cards belong to the same suit family, then you have a royal flush. This is the highest set of cards, and if you have a royal flush, you win.

Straight Flush: Any consecutive five cards belonging to the same suit family leaves you with a straight flush in your hand.

Four of a kind: When four cards out of 5, belong to the same rank, then it is termed as a four of a kind in the poker world, it is also referred to as quads. In case if two players have the same set of quads, then the kicker card is taken into account to decide the winner.

Full House: When you have three cards of the same rank accompanied by two cards of the same rank, it is often termed as a full house.

Now imagine the final players on the table reveal their cards, and both have a full house then how will you determine who wins this hand?

The simple logic dictates that the bigger three of a kind trumps the other one.

Flush: When you have five cards belonging to the same suit family, then it is often termed as flush. The highest-ranked card determines the worth of flush among the 5 said cards.

For example: If both players have a steady hand of a flush. The first one has Ace as its highest-ranked card whereas the second player has Jack as its highest-ranked card, who wins?

The simple logic applies here too.

The one with the highest card value wins. Hence player one is deemed to have a strong hand.

Also, a quick tip, when any player has a flush that includes an ace then it is often considered as strong and termed as nut flush. If both players have the nut flush, then the second-highest card is taken into account to determine who has the final winning hand.

Straight: When you have five consecutively ranked cards despite them belonging to any suit, you are deemed to have straight cards in your hand.

Three of a kind: When you have three cards of the same face value along with any two cards, then you are deemed to hold three of a kind set of cards in your hand.

Two Pair: When out of 5 cards, the first two cards belong to the same rank, and the next two belong to another pair of the same rank then it is termed as two pairs.

For example: If one player has a pair of aces along with a pair of fours, but another player has a pair of jacks and a pair of queens.

Who exactly wins among them?

If by looking at the paint cards, you feel the second player wins, then I might have to break your heart by telling you that it’s the first player that takes the pot. This is because when cards of both players are taken into consideration, the first player has a set of aces as its highest pair whereas the second player has a pair of queens. And in poker ace trumps queen. Hence the second player wins.

One pair: When out of 5 any two cards belonging to the same rank doesn’t matter which suit they belong, then it is termed as one pair.

High Card: When the last two players remaining don’t have any of the set as mentioned above of cards, then the winning set of cards is determined by the highest set of cards compared among them.

I hope you now have more clarity on the poker, its terms, and the best winning hands. If in case, a ray of doubt still pops up in your mind, you can always take the assistance of the online ‘which hand wins calculator’.

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