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Poker Bonus: An Extra Edge At The Poker Table

By Nimisha Popat

We all have such happy connotations to the word Bonus, don’t we? It’s like gaining some extra profit with less work. That is actually what it is like in the poker world too.

What Exactly Is A Poker Bonus?

When you register or deposit money at any online poker site, they tempt you with a little extra reward termed as a bonus for playing at their poker site. This is a strategic yet straightforward way of these poker sites to keep their customers glued.

After all, it’s a win-win situation for both parties involved.

As a player, you get the extra reward, and the poker site company successfully retains their customer and wins the player’s loyalty too.

It is the same trick that the casinos use as well. Like if you are at the casino, you might be entitled to free drinks or a buffet. They also have specific programs like VIP Programs, Loyalty rewards, and more just to keep the customer happy and fulfilled.

Types Of Poker Bonuses

Correctly taking advantage of the bonuses is a sign of a real poker player. There are three main types of bonuses that you can take advantage of, namely:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Reload Bonus
  • VIP Bonus

Let me share in brief exactly how you can encash each bonus opportunity for your benefit.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus is a special reward that you get just for registering and depositing the money with any poker site. But here is the trick. Unlike casinos, the welcome bonus does not get deposited to your account immediately. But you receive the full bonus you are entitled, only after you have gained some points by actually playing the game.

However, once you accumulate the desired points, the bonus gets deposited to your account, and you can then do whatever you prefer with it. You can either encash the bonus or simply invest it back in the game. It’s your call.

Along with the welcome bonus, I would recommend you to keep an eye on some exclusive rewards that the poker sites have to offer from time to time. Like sometimes, you might get an extra advantage while playing at a happy hour or you can earn a little bonus just by playing at the special table. These benefits come in real handy. Make sure you keep checking for such rewards.

Reload Bonus

Now that you have taken advantage of a welcome bonus, to keep you glued to their poker sites, they offer you reload bonuses. Reload bonus is when you earn some bonus by being their loyal customer. Like if you continuously deposit the minimum required money and regularly play at their site, then they reward you with a reload bonus.

It is like a special treat just for being a loyal customer.

You just need to pick the reward that you desire from the list of prizes they offer, and it gets deposited into your account. You can then take advantage of this bonus and bet better in the next game. Again a win-win situation.

VIP Bonus

VIP Bonus is just like a reload bonus but a step further.

You earn points with each game you play. You get higher cash rewards by progressing through their stages of points. When you accumulate the required points for a particular stage, your account gets credited with VIP Bonus.

This is an ongoing bonus scheme.

In case if you prefer playing at any particular online poker site, then a VIP bonus is a great opportunity that proves more beneficial in the long run.

A Word of Advice

It might seem tempting to grab as many bonuses from as many sites as possible.

But wait, take a pause and think again.

Because not all bonuses are your cup of tea, a lot of bonus comes with some strings attached which you need to take into account before opting for them. Some require you to earn a lot of points, and some require you to deposit more while some even have time limits attached to them. In case of a bonus program with a time limit clause, after the said duration ends, the bonus expires, and all your efforts may go in vain.

So act smartly and pick the bonus program that works best for you.

Are Online Poker Bonus Programs Actually Beneficial Or Just A Gimmick?

The bonus programs are real beneficial opportunities when used correctly. These are absolutely no gimmicks.

The best advantage of these bonuses is when you are having a tough time at the poker table. You can opt to play a free hand without depositing any actual money and using the bonus that was credited to your account earlier. It takes the edge off and boosts up your morale.

Another advantage is if you are a beginner in the online poker industry. You are unsure whether this is your cup of tea. Or you just want to get your feet wet before actually diving in. Then just use the bonus amount to see whether or not you wish to continue playing online poker.

Our Top 3 Poker Sites Picks With Their Bonus Programs


They have a good bonus program in place. You get 10% instantly on a minimum deposit of Rs.100. This bonus as its name reflects immediately on your account.

They also offer a 200% bonus up to Rs.10000 on your first deposit for which you need to achieve specific points before it gets credited to your account. They are continually updating their VIP as well as reload bonus options. Thus, I would urge you to keep an eye on their promotion’s page.


The bonus scheme of Adda52 limits itself by just offering the welcome bonus. But they claim that (theoretically), their players earn more cash rewards because they have a lot of tournaments and rotating campaigns happening continuously.

As for their welcome bonus scheme, if you deposit Rs.150, Rs.1000, or Rs.2500, then you will be entitled to Rs.100, Rs.250 or Rs.1000 respectively. They also have an exciting feature where, along with bonuses, you win extra tournament tickets to your benefit.


I adore the bonus schemes that PokerBaazi has in store for all poker enthusiasts. You are entitled to Rs.100 bonus for your first deposit. Plus, they have new challenges listed every day for an additional bonus. And the cherry on the cake is you are entitled to a reward for merely referring people to PokerBaazi.

What are you waiting for, there are a lot of poker sites ready for you with exclusive bonus schemes at your credit. Just take your pick and dive into the rewarding poker world.

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