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Poker FreeRolls: Play For Free and Earn Big Bucks

By Nimisha Popat

We all understand the basic concept of playing poker online.

You just need to create an account, deposit some money and within minutes you are at the poker table betting your cash only in the hopes of making some big bucks. But what if I told you there is a way, where without investing a single dime at stake, you can win some actual money?

If I just caught your attention and you want me to spill the beans already, then it is called FreeRolls in the poker community.

What Are Poker FreeRolls?

When an online poker site allows a player to participate in a tournament without investing any money where the player can win actual cash rewards or some non-monetary rewards, like t-shirts, mugs, free tournament tickets, or some bonus in your poker account, then it is termed as Poker FreeRolls.

This is a superb technique that came into existence to conquer as many players as possible and attract them to their sites. After all, what is there to lose for a player. Soon the idea was a big hit, and you can often find some or the other site offering a freeroll to you.

Are Freerolls Poker And Free Online Poker Games The Same?

The simple answer is no.

When you play free poker, you play with tokens in the game. So when you win, you just receive more tokens. It doesn’t have any monetary gain involved.

But with freerolls, you can join a tournament and earn huge rewards, be it cash or commodity without investing any money.

If you are a beginner, you might benefit significantly from freerolls. You can win some actual cash and reinvest it in the game, and you never know, you might become the next poker king.

Are The Freerolls Free?


But sometimes they might have certain conditions attached to them before you can proceed to the tournament. Like some games are exclusively held for new members whereas some are held for regular high investing members. Sometimes you might even need to enter the code or a password before you can join a tournament. This is to give members exclusive entries.

How Do I Get Qualified For A FreeRoll?

It’s quite simple.

You just need to sign up at the online poker site, and soon you will receive notifications via email about the freerolls. You can also check the Tournament pages or some places like PokerStars also offer you a lot of free chips every couple of hours to begin your poker journey.

What Can You Expect To Win If You Freeroll?

It depends on the site and the reward they offer via the current tournament.

But if you win the tournament, you may earn monetary rewards from Rs.500 to up to $1million. The sky’s the actual limit. You just need to find the right online poker website and join the proper tournament.

In case if the tournament is for non-monetary rewards, then you may win a holiday trip, some keepsake memento, or tickets for other tournaments.

Best Sites That Offer FreeRoll

Don’t be puzzled. I am not going to leave you high and dry but will guide you to pick among top sites and their freeroll programs in India:

PokerStars: They have a pretty decent freeroll in place. You will find new tournaments almost every day, and they have a special event on Sunday named the Sunday Billion where the winning opportunities are boundless. Worth checking out.

SpartanPoker: They have freerolls tournaments played every half an hour during the day and new tournaments held at an hour’s gap after the sunset. The free-rollers also have an excellent opportunity to win some real cash during free spins.

Adda52: At Adda52, they allow players to master at the art of poker by participating in their freeroll tournaments. The tournaments are held quite often, and you can win some actual cash by competing against other tournament players.

These are some online sites that offer daily freeroll opportunities. I would urge you to check them out. And keep an eye on your email. You might receive an exclusive invite for the FreeRoll tournament too.

With freerolls, you can test the water at the shallow end before you get comfortable diving into the deep waters. If you are a beginner or a pro, a penny earned without an investment always tastes sweeter. That is why take advantage of the freerolls and master the art of poker.

Go ahead and encash your free cash.

Nimisha Popat

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