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PokerStars India : INCOOP 9.5 Crores Prize Pool : 3rd September – 22nd September

Since the lockdown began in March, the poker industry is bombarded with new series one after another. Spartan Poker's IOPC,…

4 years ago

Poker Dangal: Dangal Value Series (DVS) with ₹45 Lakhs in GTD: August 18 to 22

Poker Dangal’s flagship event Dangal Value Series (DVS) is set to run from August 08 – August 22 with ₹45…

4 years ago

Spartan Poker is back in action with the Grand Poker Series with 5+ Crore GTD

After the successful conclusion of the IOPC July edition, Spartan Poker is ready with another lucrative tourney with a huge…

4 years ago

PokerBaazi IMPS 1.5 Crore GTD: 13th – 26th July

Indian Micro Poker Series (IMPS) PokerBaazi is back in action with its Indian Micro Poker Series (IMPS) that starts today.…

4 years ago

Pocket52 is Hosting Grand Poker Sprint Series With 3 Crores GTD From 1-31 July 2020

Since the arrival of July this year, the poker industry is being bombarded with new series one after another. With…

4 years ago

Spartan Poker All Set To Host IOPC With 25 Crores Prize Guarantee From 9th July 2020

Spartan Poker never ceases to amuse its audience. And with the trend of back to back series in the online…

4 years ago

Spartan Poker : IOPC Sattelite : 1st – 8th July 2020

The extravagant India Online Poker Championship will begin on 9th July 2020 and will be played until 26th July 2020.…

4 years ago

PokerBaazi Game Changer 2 Crore GTD: 1st – 5th July 2020

When you think about a poker site, PokerBaazi is probably the first one to strike your mine. With back to…

4 years ago

Adda52: Online Poker Tournaments in India

Adda52 has a magnitude of tourneys running on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with prize money ranging from lakhs…

4 years ago

PokerStars: Online Poker Tournaments in India

PokerStars is India's home of online poker. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, PokerStars has something to offers…

4 years ago

Spartan Poker: Online Poker Tournaments in India

There are several small and big online poker tournaments on Spartan Poker. Whether you are looking for tournaments on a…

4 years ago

PokerBaazi: Online Poker Tournaments in India

PokerBaazi offers online poker tournaments in India under different flagships such as National Poker Series, Game Changer, Happy Hours, The…

4 years ago

Guide to Poker Tournaments in India

  • What is the entry fee to the next poker tournament? What Poker Tournament should you play? Benefits of live/online over cash games? Where can I get the best game coupon code? If you find yourself jostling through such questions before making a decision for the Indian Poker tournaments, we have all the answers. All-in-one destination for latest poker news India and the upcoming Indian poker events! We take pride in going an extra mile to deliver a daily dose of trending news, jaw-dropping prize pools, exciting promotions, emerging poker stars and live reportings from various tournaments across India.

  • The full coverage of all the Poker events in India, from low-stakes cash games to global tournaments, and from the stack of chips to the final table. Information from beginning to end such as the upcoming poker tournaments across India, events, and series, buy-ins, prizes, guaranteed payout, chip counts, final table result, playing format, and betting format.

  • Update yourself with event venues, its background and history, variants of poker, low stake to major tournaments, add-ons, payout structure, bonuses, coupons and endless rewards. The information about poker players in India.

  • Complete details about the seating determination in the tournaments, and how that can help win a game. Not sure what beats what in Poker? We help you learn beginner to professional level strategies, and how to play different tournaments. Recommendations about the top tournaments with the best offers in India and globally. Update on poker players who are new in poker world, celebrity stars making grand appearances and female players raising eyebrows.

How do Poker Tournaments in India work?

A poker tournament is a game with a fixed format which features either two players on a single table or as many as thousands of players playing on hundreds of tables. Everything in Poker tournament is predetermined, from the buy-in, blinds, stack sizes, antes, structure to time limit. The winner usually pockets every poker chips in the game. What makes Poker tournaments more exciting, you ask? The massive prize pools where hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars are at stake.

How do Tournaments differ from Cash Games?

The chips represent actual money in Cash Games. The Chip count won or lost goes into or comes from the actual bankroll of the poker player. On the other side, in tournaments, the player pays a set entry fee to compete and win a portion of the prize pool. And if the player loses, then that is the only amount of money lost during the event.

What types of Tournaments in India can you play?

Whether you want to play low stakes game or big tournaments, it’s important to know the kind of tournaments that are played. At PokerSpot, learn about all kinds of tournaments and their differences that will help you to make smart decisions. Do you know the difference between a Freezeout, a Rebuy, and a Guarantee tournament? Get to learn about most common options in poker tournaments such as Turbo/Super Turbo, Satellite, Bounty/Knockout, SNG's, Deep Stacks, and Shootouts.

Major Poker Events in India

We great pride in delivering live reporting from all the series of events, information about the upcoming event and their jackpots. Some of the major tournaments in online and live poker are- World Series of Poker (WSOP), World Poker Tour (WPT), European Poker Tour(EPT), and World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP). Some of the popular Indian poker website promoting best offers in the industry are Spartan Poker, Adda 52, Poker Stars, pocket52 and PokerBaazi. Sunday Majors are also one of the important things that are hosted once a week. Every tournament and their series have different offers and rules. PokerSpot keeps you posted with the playing format, buy-ins, winning prize like an insider.

How is the winner in Poker Tournaments determined?

The winner of the tournament is declared when only one player pockets all the chips in the "heads-up". We cover every bit of action as it unfolds so you never miss anything.